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Get your advertising message out to all major market areas of the country with the WOW FACTOR!!!!....and it's Cost effective!!!!

High-Impact and Hiigh-Profile.

This is what we offer with our 3D Graphics on our "Moving Billboards."

Got to see them to believe them.

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Advertise your ideas, products, or events on 30' to 45' trailers which

travel into the New York Manhattan area a minimum of 170 times

per week. These trailers also travel into Long Island, Westchester,, and No. New Jersey.

We also have an additional 350 - 53' trailers that travel throughout the United States. We can pin point certain trailers and areas of the country where exposure is us at 973-263-9004

ask for Basil.

Rent as few as 10 trailers for 3 months

Let us design, in 3D, your ad space

for our trailers. Click forward to the following pages-

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3D ADS-3, 3D ADS-4 


"What is important is family, friends, giving back to your community and finding meaning in life."

Adrian Grenier

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